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How to Clean & Eat a Geoduck



– Greetings my beautiful lovelies, it’s Emmy welcome back. Today’s video is sponsored by Bright Cellars, the monthly wine subscription box that comes right to your doorstep.

Take the seven-question quiz and wines will be matched to your taste preferences. So Bright Cellars makes it a no-brainer. I love the fact that I take the quiz and the wine choices are personalized to my own tastes. Another great thing, particularly during these times of social distancing and self-isolation, is that the wines are delivered right to my doorstep. There’s no need for me to even leave my house, and I know the wines will be ones that I enjoy because they’re based on my preferences. Another great thing about Bright Cellars is its emphasis on education.

Each bottle of wine comes with these really informative beautiful cards that have all the information about the wine. Where the wind came from, what temperature it should be served at, so much information which I love. I love learning about new things, including wine. This is my second Bright Cellars box, and what I appreciate is that this selection is more tailored to my preferences. Based on my opinions of my last box. I’m gonna taste the Mojave Rain, and this is in Merlot it comes from the north coast of California, which is my home state. I love that sound. Think this is the perfect way to prepare for what am about to eat, cheers.

Oh, that’s nice. So this is a really great wine for me. It’s a medium-bodied wine, it’s not too assertive, not too aggressive with its flavoring, It’s crisp, it has flavors of berry in there, but it’s not syrupy. It’s not too light either, It’s lovely. I think this would be the perfect little dinner wine for me. Bright Cellars is offering 50% off your first six-bottle box of wine, just click the link down below, take the test and get started. Big thanks to Bright Cellars for sponsoring this video, now today I’m gonna be tasting something I’ve been wanting to taste for years, and it is a geoduck. So geoduck has such an interesting name, you may have seen the spelling and didn’t know is pronounced gooey because it’s spelled g-e-o-d-u-c-k, it looks like geoduck but it’s pronounced gooey duck. It actually comes from Nisqually word with word this creature, which is a very long-lived clam. The average age of these claims is 140 years.

It’s the largest bivalve on this planet. And it looks very, very phallic. Now, I’ve eaten plenty of phallic things on this channel, including a banana candle, including actual penis, in penis ox soup, but this definitely takes the cake. My lovelies, I give you the geoduck.

Okay, my lovelies, I present to you the geoduck. Isn’t it amazing? Look at this. This phallic portion is the siphon, The clam lives in the sand, This siphon goes all the way up to the surface, this stretches, at least two times its length. And that’s how the clam breaths. It’s a bivalve there are two shells, and I’m going to be eating it raw sashimi-style, and this is the part that’s really coveted, this is the siphon or the neck or the shaft. – [Man] What! – I know, I know.

The clam inside here is the stomach, In Japan, they boil the stomach and can be eaten and then this top part here is sometimes called the belly or the breast. It can be deep-fried or it can also be sliced thinly and eaten sashimi style as well. So here we are geoduck. So the reason why I decided to do a video about geoduck is that I recently read an article in Eater which I’ll put the link down below, which talked about how some businesses are really struggling because there has been a huge drop in demand for geoduck because of COVID-19.

So I thought in solidarity and in support,

I would purchase a geoduck, it was $80, it was overnighted to me, it smells (smells) of the ocean, perfectly fresh, it came packed in ice, just overnighted to be super fresh. I also purchased a box of oysters, a sampler pack, it’s my husband’s birthday, and they too were beautifully packed, they came with a shocker, just top-notch quality. So during these tumultuous times, I think it’s really important to support small businesses like Taylor Shellfish, so that’s why I am going to have my first taste of geoduck.

So I watched a few on how to prepare this beautiful thing. And I will put the links down below they include Becky Sal Guts and Chef Step. So thank you guys for educating me about this, this beautiful thing. Coz we’re gonna quickly blanch the geoduck and that’s gonna allow us to remove the skin covering the shaft. I mean, I know I know, double entendres let’s do it. put to geoduck into a bowl, it’s so big, it barely fits into the bowl. It’s been the shaft but…

Now I’ve got some boiling water and we’re gonna this over the clam. So look how the skin is already blistering, we’re just gonna put it in there for about 15 seconds. Not much time at all. All right, so I think that’s enough time it’s already puffed up and dunk it in some ice water, to Cool it back down. Because we’re gonna eat this sashimi-style, meaning we’re gonna eat this raw. So the geoduck siphon has really prized great crunchy texture and we wanna preserve that we don’t wanna cook this we’re gonna be eating it like you would eat oysters on the half shell, we can eat this raw. The reason why we’re blanching is to clean it up, and also to get it out of its shell with little bit more ease. Give thanks to the geoduck, give thanks.

And now we’re going to take the geoduck out of its shell. Take a knife and just run it beneath the shell here.

We’re going to loosen it. From this side. I’m gonna pry it apart, look at that Isn’t that incredible? Look at this. The shell looks actually very similar to what we call steamers here in New England. It’s kind of a thinner shell, but each one of these rings represents a year. So beautiful specimen here. So, the same thing on the side we’re gonna… That smells so good, it smells of the ocean. So right here is the stomach. Look at that.

Amazing, look at that, I mean if that doesn’t look like testes, I mean Mother Nature you are incredible. We’re gonna cut that right there, and in Japan, they boil this and this can be eaten so I’m gonna set this aside. Now this beautiful part here that was holding the stomach is called either the breast or the belly and it’s much softer in texture and this can be sliced and fried or also eaten raw like sashimi. So I’m gonna taste that as well, I’m gonna cut this right at the base here, so we’re gonna peel all of this off, I know, are you men out there cringing?

Don’t worry doesn’t hurt, its all good. So we’re gonna pull that off and there is the geoduck siphon. And here is the skin on the outside so you can really see how far the geoduck siphon really can stretch. Look at that! It’s probably three times the length of it now incredible, incredible. Slice this open, butterfly, (instrumental music) And this is what it looks like inside and as you can see there’s some sand in there some muck so we’re gonna rinse that out.

Now we’re gonna thinly slice this,

oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this, I remember reading about geoduck years and years and years and years and years ago. And I thought, someday I’m gonna go to Seattle and taste geoduck myself. I still might do that.

In the meanwhile, I can do a beautiful thing and order it online and have it come right to my doorstep. Beautifully fresh and amazing. But someday I will have it in Seattle someday I will, I would love to actually go fishing for geoduck. I love digging for clams here in Rhode Island, our clams that we love to dig for are called steamers, they look a lot like a geoduck, but they are a fraction of the size but it is so much fun, it’s like treasure hunting, it’s just a delight.

Now I’m gonna put these on a plate, *

let’s serve this sashimi styles just like this. Already, so there it is the beautiful geoduck all ready for me to eat, Oh, I’m gonna slice up some belly too, because I really want to taste that as well. This part is really tender, much softer and consistency than the siphon. I’m so curious to test this. Okay, so am gonna put the belly portion over here, One of my favorite things in the world is going clamming with my boys and eating raw clams on the beach. It’s just, it’s perfect, it’s really what it is. So Becky recommends a squeeze of lemon juice soy sauce and a little bit of olive oil, but I’m gonna do this sashimi style and just have it right out of the ocean as it came. So let’s get a taste, I’m so so excited already. So delicious, it is so sweet.

That is the sweetest clam I’ve ever had, and we eat plenty of clams. I love nothing more than going clamming with my family, I love the whole process of treasure hunting, digging, finding, feeling triumphant when you find a clam. We have a couple different varieties including steamers which are my personal favorite, but we also have cherry stone and little necks and quohogs, and we love taking the quohogss or the little necks and smashing them like cavemen on a rock, We meeting my family, particularly my kiddos, and just eating the clams right there on the rock with a little bit of sand, just gritty and just grinning with the joy of eating clams on the shore. And this reminds me of that, it just tastes beautifully of the sea just a little bit salty, but mostly, it is sweet, it is sweet, It has a beautiful, beautiful flavor.

And a delightful crunchy texture, its toothsome It’s just delicious, It’s not overly salty. sometimes if we have oysters on the half shell they’re almost too briny with saltwater, this is just the perfect balance of just umami is really what it is, which I feel like sometimes an overused word, but it’s of the ocean. It sometimes taste sweet and salty, but this is so so sweet and the texture is phenomenal.

So that was the tip of the siphon, it has a much bigger crunch, more cartilaginous. Yes, that’s what the crunches like, kind of like the cartilage that you can find in the keel of a chicken, that kind of cartilaginous crunch, is delightful. Once you get closer to the base of the siphon, the crunch is still there, but it’s not as hard, delicious.

Okay, now let’s try the belly. The belly is delicious too, a completely different texture, a much tender texture, more similar to a quahog Not so chewy, and has a great clammy flavor to it, but still so sweet. Geoduck is incredible, definitely one of my favorite shellfish ever, ever, ever. It’s so scrumptious, so scrumptious, so much to be thankful for in this beautiful world, so, so much, including very ancient bivalves. Thank you. And thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed that one, I hope you guys learned something big thanks to Bright Cellars for sponsoring this video. If you’d like to receive 50% off your first box of six bottles of wine, click the link down below, take the test and get started.

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