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Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and today we’re gonna make some more comfort food we’re gonna make neck bones and potatoes

so lets you and i do we do and make it happen alright i’m get this neck bones up and we’re going to get these vegetables diced and this is the large dice we don’t need to go small on here we really want a big and we’re gonna do that with the onions and we’re gonna do that with some bell peppers and i’d be on like bell peppers you can leave them out you know how we do is your kitchen do what you want now

I’m gonna cut these in the same size as the onions now that we’ve got our vegetables ready we have our neck bones our ingredients our touch oven ready to go now in this dust of it I’m going to spray some vegetable oil this is real vegetable oil this is a mister type thing and I don’t like Pam and stuff like that so I don’t use one but you are perfectly free to use whatever you want if you want this kind of thing the link will be in the description the next thing we’re going to do is get our vegetables into our Dutch oven we also have this Dutch oven over medium heat and we’re just gonna stir and cook these guys for a little bit then we’re gonna start seasoning now I want to layer the seasoning on all that so we sprinkled in some seasoning salt and we’re going to stir that around a bit now we’re gonna start putting in our neck balls these nutballs are pretty meaty they cut pretty small but they have a lot of meat on them and that’s what you

look for in neck bones you want them very meaty you aren’t pay for just bones now we’re sprinkling on seasoned salt and adding some more into the pot now we’re gonna cook these on the stove we’re not gonna put these in the oven although this is a Dutch oven you can cook on top of the stove with it or in the oven with it makes for a wonderful no need bread by the way so more layers of seasoned salt and we’re going to stir this all up and cook and stir a little bit we’re not cooking them now just trying to develop a little flavor let the seasoning sink in a little bit before we add liquid now we’re gonna add black pepper we’re gonna add a little cayenne pepper and it’s not gonna make these hot but what it will do is add to the flavor the depths of the flavor it will make the

flavor deeper the garlic powder goes in now this is onion soup mix my mom always used this and it adds a lot of flavor get is a quad to the whole thing we’re tossing in some white vinegar and we’re just stirring a little bit it is developing just a hint of color but that’s not our goal here we just really want to get

this mixed in well before we add the water

now we’re pouring in the water and we want to make sure the water covers the neck bones we’re gonna bring this to a boil reduce the heat to low and cover them and we’re gonna cook them for two to three hours you’ll know when they be start to become tender you just want to check every once in a while we’re looking for tenderness and great flavor while that’s happening we’re gonna dice up some russet potatoes we washed no blue pill to avoid icing now until a large dice and putting them in water until it’s time to add them to our neck bones now when do you add them to the neck bones we add them to the neck bones when their neck bones are starting to become tender when it’s the last stage of them cooking we add them to the pot and sprinkle a little salt because we want to make sure those potatoes have lots of flavor we stir those in we cover this and we let it go for about another half hour look at that look

how delicious that looks comforting flavorful delicious and let’s give this a taste now it’s important that you have tenderness and flavor so I’m resting and trying to get a potato mmm this is so good mmm I really enjoy this guys I’m really enjoying it it’s very good so flavorful guys I hope you give this one a try all right chef Kendra is out peace

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